Friday, 18 September 2009

Trainees from France!

During summer/autumn 2009, the e-learning centre eEDU had two French trainees!

Hello, my name is Aurélien Cas; I come from France. My internship in TAMK university was between the 3rd of August 2009 and the 18th of September 2009. I do this internship to finalize my bachelor degree. I study international chief project management in IT. My internship in Tamk consists on working on 2 totally different projects...

- The 1st one is a social project; I have to report and describe how I use social media tools (like Facebook, MSN...) to keep in touch with my family, friends in France and also new people that I meet here, in Finland.
- The 2nd project is a about Moodle. I have to make Moodle users lives easier by catching updated courses informations for them and create a specific link that displays those updated informations. In that way users don't have to login every days to know if something new happened or not.

I'm really pleased to be working here as you can see on my picture :D

I'm Guillaume Gagnerot, 23, from west of France (Nantes). I went in TAMK at the beginning of August for a 7weeks training period. I'm doing two projects here. One of them is a survey, it's about how do the trainee communicate by using the social media (Like Facebook, Msn, Skype..).

And the second one, the main project, is about MOODLE platform, I've to generate RSS feeds from MOODLE to an on-line agregator (gRSShopper). The goal is to create a better web personal environment for the MOODLE users. So, it's about programming stuff.

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