Friday, 11 September 2009

A guest lecturer from the Czech Republic visits TAMK for the 9th time!

Professor Robert Zich from the Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic, visited TAMK for the 9th time this fall. His first trip here was in 2003. He said to be a big fan of Finland even though he prefers mountainous regions. Why he likes this flat country so much is beyond him. “Maybe it’s the quietness and lack of rush your people have. In the Czech Republic everyone is always in a hurry. I also love the nature here.”
During his stay he also did a lecture series at TAMK called “Competitivity of Company”. The lectures dealt with competition from many different angles. Zich used numerous different practical examples mostly from the Czech market. He seemed to be very fond of examples especially from the car and mobile phone industries but also a few comparisons with ice hockey came up too. The lecture series was popular and around 50 TAMK students attended this three day course.

Photo: Robert Zich teaching at TAMK

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モラン said...

All in all Mr. Zich's lecture series were mind refreshing. He had very good practical examples and observations, which made the lecture in a way unique.

Robert also dished out some interesting facts about his country so this lecture worked as a nice insight for those who are thinking of in doing an exchange in Czech Republic.

I'd recommend to attend if Robert comes next year.