Friday, 11 September 2009

Visitors from Esslingen, Germany

Beate Maleska, Head of International Office and Stefani Maier, Vice President for International Affairs and Marketing from Hochschule Esslingen, Germany, visited TAMK from 10th to 11th of September. The aim of the visit was to discuss about student and staff exchanges and co-operation possibilities between the universities in general (R&D etc.). The guests schedule at TAMK was very busy with introduction to the Teiskontie and Finlayson campus as well as different kinds of meetings and presentations. The program also included Tampere city sight seeing tour and dinner. During their trip to Finland Beate and Stefani also visited other universities such as Tampere University of Technology, Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences and Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences.

This was their 1st visit to Finland, and when asked what Beate Maleska has taught of the country so far, she assured that the expectation she had prior to the trip were met. “I’ve head many good things about Finland and have wanted to come here for a long time. I especially like the fact that here the nature is all around. I hope come here soon for a holiday and just enjoy what nature has to offer. I’d just love to listen to the endless silence and relax.” She also mentioned that Finnish people are very open, friendly and helpful and they like to take the opportunity to speak to foreigners. “One old man helped me with my bags at the train station even though he didn’t talk much English. Not everyone in Germany would do the same thing.”

When asked about her impressions of TAMK, she mentioned that the facilities set up for students are very good. She thinks that good facilities and services make studying easier and probably also causes less pressure on the students, when for example it is easy to borrow the books you need or have many computers to work with. She also said that Finnish school food is a little better compared to the food served in German schools. “In Germany the quality varies and it is a little more expensive. For example salads and drinks cost extra. But our school is located near the city centre so the students can go out and get a cheap lunch from the numerous Asian or other ethnic restaurants.” Finnish food in general Maleska described as fresh and creative with a good variety of ingredients.
Photo: Visitors from Germany in the middle, joined by the staff from the International Office of TAMK and other guests from Spain.

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