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TAMK's Anna-Liisa Karjalainen and Sari Mettiäinen awarded for their research on E-education in conference in Japan

TAMK's IT designer, Anna-Liisa Karjalainen and Head of Degree Programme, Sari Mettiäinen, were awarded for their research during the e-Case & e-Tech 2013 conference organized in Kitakyushu, Japan. The conference was about the role of technology in different aspects of life and the topic of the award-winning research was "Teachers as Users of New Technology - Experiences of Using Electronic Assessment and Feedback System in Supervision of Clinical Training".

You can read their travel report below:

e-Case & e-Tech 2013 Kitakyushu Japan

We participated in an international conference on 3- 5 April 2013 in Kitakyushu, Japan. The event had more than 400 participants from 20 countries. The conference focused on the role of technology in different fields of life. We participated in e-Education sessions and our presentation was also part of those sessions.

We networked with several participants. We discussed with e.g. Tom Galea, who is the principal of Rosebank College in Australia. We found that Finland and Australia are at approximately the same level in using ICT. Based on a discussion with Japanese Dr Chien-Kuo Li, we found that Facebook is still very popular in Japan and it is also studied from the viewpoint of education. Professor Michael Stoica from Washburn University in Kansas told that use of ICT in education varies a lot in different parts of the United States.

In particular, the studies on game-based learning made us thoughtful as did the presentation on how use of tablets intensifies learning (Yu-Feng Lan and Yu-Feng Jheng, National Formosa University).  Several presentations we heard focused on students’ online discussions. The discussions had been studied from different viewpoints. The presentations did not contain anything outstandingly new education technology pedagogy, and thus according to our conception the same methods are used and studied abroad as in Finland.
From left: Anna-Liisa Karjalainen, Sari Mettiäinen, Tom Galea and three other conference visitors from Taiwan
The title of our presentation was “Teachers as Users of New Technology – Experiences of Using Electronic Assessment and Feedback System in Supervision of Clinical Training”. Our research report was rewarded as the best in the e-Education category. The award criteria included e.g. the scientific quality and practical exploitability.

The award was valued, which we noticed immediately when we registered at the conference. People came to congratulate us and wanted to take photos. When our own presentation started, a group of cameramen arrived and we were congratulated once more.

Anna-Liisa Karjalainen (left) and Sari Mettiäinen (middle) receiving the award on April 4th, 2013.

Japanese people seemed very friendly and helpful. Technology is advanced there and we saw in many everyday situations how automation and engineering competence were utilised. There were many skyscrapers in the city but we also managed to see some idyllic peace and old culture of the countryside. We learned to eat with sticks but it was partly thanks to the friendly Japanese as they came to help us hands-on. We came to the conclusion that they do not often see blond people in Kitakyushu as they paid much attention to us. People stopped us in the street and asked where we were from and why we were in Japan. Their first image of Finland was often the cold climate, some immediately remembered Nokia, Angry Birds were not as familiar in Kitakyushu as we assumed. Marimekko and the Moomin characters were well-known in Japan and the products were available in some shops.

On the terrace of a traditional wooden Japanese house. Kokura Castle and a Japanese garden in the background.
We both think the trip was successful. Our presentation was enriched by a Youtube video we had made in advance. In the video, Senior Lecturer Eija-Riitta Alho told about her experiences of using e-Taitava in supervision of clinical training. In our opinion, our presentation went well, and the listeners were so interested in use of mobile technology in supervision of clinical training that they even made us questions and asked the contact information for the software supplier. We received several contacts and had the chance to tell about Finland and TAMK to our colleagues from many different parts of the world.

Text and photos: Anna-Liisa Karjalainen and Sari Mettiäinen

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