Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Konekerho goes Hannover

It was once again time for engineering students to leave on our annual field trip to Hannover. The main reason for this trip was to visit the largest technology fair in the world held in Hannover. We also got back together with our German friends who visited us in January. During the week we also had an opportunity to visit Herrenhäuser brewery, Komatsu Hanomag’s factory and Volkswagen’s factory. And as the student life requires, parties were not forgotten.
Photo: Antti Hyyppä

The fair, Hannover Messe, was something incredibly huge. Even when we walked there for hours, you could always find something new to see around the next corner. There would easily be something to do for the whole duration of the fair and it is very much advisable to familiarize yourself with the selection of exhibitors. In the evening there was a party organized by the local engineers’ union and unlike last year, this year our hosts were able to get us in to the party.

Active participating during the fair. (Photo: Tiia Vaattovaara)

Photo: Toni Peltola

Altogether the week was awesome and full of interesting activities. We had great new experiences, made new friends and ended up with very sore feet.

The Hannover field trip participants (Photo: Essi Ihalainen)

Text: Essi Ihalainen
Pictures: Tiia Vaattovaara, Antti Hyyppä, Toni Peltola and Essi Ihalainen

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