Friday, 28 January 2011

Czech visitors enjoy sauna and skiing

Pavel Mracek and Robert Zich from Brno University of Technology visited TAMK under Erasmus staff exchange programme on 24-28 January. On top of meeting several TAMK colleagues, attending lectures given by a Spanish guest lecturer, who was visiting TAMK at the same time, and working on joint projects, the Czech visitors had time to experience the Finnish sauna in their flat, and to ski in the midst of the Finnish winter landscape in Kauppi.

(Pavel Mracek, left, and Esko Tirkkonen)

Esko Tirkkonen from TAMK offers a tailor-made sports service to international visitors, and also provided Pavel with skiing equipment. Quite a unique service to foster the international visitors' well-being in Tampere!

Pavel and Robert will return to TAMK in March to participate in the International Week for Engineering. More professional activities and exploration into the Finnish culture will await then.

Text and photo: Riku-Matti Kinnunen

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