Saturday, 8 January 2011

New exchange students arrived

The Exchange Students' Orientation took place on Kuntokatu Campus on 4-7 January 2011. The orientation was run by the International Services and Tamko's International Tutors.

This spring, there are 127 new exchange students at TAMK. The number is a bit smaller than last spring.

Most students come from Europe: 26 from France, 14 from Spain and 11 from Hungary. The furtherst students come from South Korea and Kenya.

The biggest group of the exchange students (34) will study at the International Business programme. Other popular programmes are: Nursing (23), Business Administration Virrat (11), Environmental Engineering (11) and Media (9).

Most students are taking courses in TAMK's seven English degree programmes, but there are also 34 students doing their Practical Training, a project, a final thesis or specially-arranged courses in the Finnish degree programmes.

Pictured on the roof garden of TAMK Finlayson Campus exchange students of our Media Programme.

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