Sunday, 26 July 2009

Technical implementation for the open innovation bank developed at TAMK

Science journalist Kalle Heiska has published a report about the open innovation bank technical implementation developed at TAMK.

"The open innovation bank developed under the leadership of TAMK University of Applied Sciences is now being tried out and is to be further developed. The innovation bank is open to all; an interactive databank intended for various innovative ideas, problems, proposed solutions and future information. Last year the innovation bank was awarded the Konsta Prize for an invention and promising Finnish success story."

The idea of an innovation bank, called the Open Innovation Bank System (OIBS) evolved at the Laurea University of Applied Sciences, which is also leading the development work on it. This bank is public and ideas can be freely stored there of, for example future information can be sought there.

TAMK leads the technical development work on the bank and its computer science students have created an Internet-based platform for it. The implementation is based on an open code so that anyone can design, define and develop the bank’s functions.

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Pictured: Toni Pippola, project manager at TAMK University of Applied Sciences and Marja Kallioniemi, senior lecturer at Pirkanmaa University of Applied Sciences have developed an Internet-based innovation bank which is open to all..
Photo: Teemu Riikilä

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