Thursday, 2 July 2009

A Japanese Student's View on Life and Studies in Finland

In this blog there are many stories written by the international students of our Degree Programme in Environmental Engineering. Some of our international students also have their own blogs. Some time ago I found the "Better together" blog written by Onnellinen (=happy in Finnish). He is a student of the Degree Programme in International Business from Japan. The blog reflects experiences and observations of a foreign student in Finland.

Some of the postings are written in English, some in Japanese. If you don't know Japanese, you are able to enjoy the stories anyway, because Onnellinen likes to use the camera and prints a lot of great photos in the blog. Therefore you can also join his long trip to Lapland over the Midsommer in June. The blog is established in March, so you can also see photos from winter-time.

Onnellinen about studies at TAMK and in Finland
Better together blog

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