Thursday, 12 February 2009

Batman and Elvis met Pippi Longstocking at the practice enterprise trade fair

The 12th practice enterprise trade fair was organised in Tampere on the 4th and 5th of February 2009. 27 practice enterprises too part, 6 of which were from TAMK. Other participants were from all over Finland, including Pirkanmaa UAS and Seinäjoki UAS. Practice enterprises from Romania and Luxemburg also participated, which gave the event an extra special flavour.

The trade fair went well. Business was carried out and practice enterprises had the change to network. The practice enterprises had clearly put a lot of effort into the trade fair – the presentation was excellent and the students had used their imagination in decorating the booths and in the outfits of their presenters. The audience got greeted by e.g. Batman, Elvis, Marilyn, Pippi Longstocking and a walking tomato!

Awards crowned the trade fair

TAMK practice enterprises Motivissimo and Tili-Evidenssi gained renown in the Verkot vesille –competition for active networking. As the award, both teams got diplomas and a Skype phone! The third company to be awarded was Benemoth Publishing from PIRAMK. The aim of the competition was to encourage practice enterprises to network and to present themselves and their companies in a professional environment.

As usual, the best booths were also awarded. The categories were Audience favourite, Best appearance and Best customer service. Benemoth Publishing (selling comics) from PIRAMK got the awards for both Best appearance and Audience favourite. Pohjanmaan Turvatuote from Seinäjoki got the Best customer service award.

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