Friday, 23 January 2009

1112 students graduated from TAMK

The graduation ceremony took place on the 23r of January 2008. The programme included speeches, music and a break-dance performance “Breakin’ Gentlemen”.

1112 students graduated from TAMK in 2008. Out of these, 844 completed a UAS degree and 268 got their pedagogical teacher qualifications. 17 graduates got their Master’s Degrees.

The new graduates come from different degree programmes and 56 students earned their Bachelor’s Degrees from the international degree programmes of International Business or Environmental Engineering.

”It is significant to see the number of students who graduated from the degree programmes of Business Administration and International Business than was greater than expected”, says the Director of the Degree Programmes Reijo Rasmus.

TAMK has circa 5000 students, out of which circa 900 are adult students.

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