Thursday, 22 January 2009

The famous ENVE spirit

Ten years ago I sat on the cold floor of the school's sport hall with ten immigrants. Of the fourty-girl-group, I was the last Finn not to be chosen for either of the teams. The immigrant class was forced to take gym lessons with Finns, Finns were forced to interact with foreigners.

Nobody wanted them to their teams because they did not speak Finnish and had too difficult names to be remembered. I was not regarded any higher even though I was a Finn.

I wanted to say something for them, but was too afraid. What if they do not understand me?

Year 2009. I sit in the cafeteria with people all around the world. We are soon Bachelors of Environmental engineering, friendly Enves. Table with Enves can be seen and heard. People with different clothes, colours, religions, manners...All laughing and having intriguing conversations. No Enves are ever left alone. Somebody being absent is immediately missed. We call up each others, hang out together, have famous Enve parties... Some of us are better in mathematics and physics, some in laboratory works. Sometimes we sit down and help each other in school assignments. Nobody is ever isolated or picked on.

Soon I will not see my precious friends every day. After practical training I will graduate. My foreign friends will probably move back to their own countries. But never will I forget the years I spent in TAMK, Environmental engineering.

That was the best time in my life.

(Written by a 3rd year environmental engineering student)

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