Tuesday, 15 April 2014

FINNIPS entrance exams in Warsaw

Last week I had the privilege to supervise entrance exams for candidates to Finnish universities of applied sciences, this time in Warsaw in Poland. The exams are organised by the FINNIPS network for the whole of Finland and attendants came from Poland, the Czech Republic, Moldova, Slovenia and the Ukraine.

- I'm glad we actually made it here, despite the global situation as it stands at the moment, said Oles and Taras, brothers from the Ukraine who hope to start international business studies in Finland in August.

Long days with 3-4 hours of exam at a time. Water, water, water...

In the group interview part of the exam the hopeful candidates shared their hopes and dreams in their future field of  study. Most already had some experience through spending a few months in Finland as an Erasmus exchange student, or already had friends or family studying in Finland.

For myself, this was a first-time experience which I shared with a colleague from KYAMK. Thankfully he had lived in Poland for six years, one of which was in Warsaw. I got a good overview of the city in the brief free hours of each evening, with a travel planner right next to  me... thanks Jori!

If you have a chance to go for a similar assignment abroad, I sincerely recommend you take it!

Text & Photo: Piri Hiltunen / TAMK International Services

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