Friday, 23 March 2012

New international tutors are trained and ready!

Among many other TAMK students, Jyrki Paldán and Jarkko Oksanen took part in the International Tutor Training organized by Tamko Student Union this week.

The engineering students Jarkko and Jyrki are already looking forward to the arrival of the exchange students next autumn. They have both been already in exchange, Jyrki in Iceland and Jarkko in Hungary, and they enjoyed their time abroad. Now they have a possibility to meet new people and have international contacts in Finland too. Jarkko wishes to have a Hungarian tutoree in order to learn some Hungarian language.

As they both have already exchange experience and also experience of being a peer tutor, they’re convinced that being an international tutor can’t be difficult. The first task to the tutors is to contact their tutorees in June and help them with the arrangements by answering to the tricky questions that incoming students might have.

During the two sessions this week, the becoming tutors learned a lot of useful information about practical matters, tutor’s responsibilities, cultural challenges etc. The participants of the training represented many different TAMK degree programs and campuses including Kuntokatu, Virrat, Ikaalinen and Finlayson campuses.

Text and photo: Kaisa Merilahti, International Services

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