Thursday, 5 December 2013

Finnish Independence Day Reception on 3.12.2013

Unipoli Tampere's annual Independence Day Reception was organised at TAMK this year. Students from the University of Tampere, Tampere University of Technology and Tampere University of Applied Sciences gathered together to celebrate the event.
Festivities started with TAMKvoice (Choir of staff, students and alumni of TAMK) singing traditional Finnish music. One of the most patriotic compositions by Jean Sibelius, Finlandia, also had a verse in English in addition to the Finnish lyrics. Ievan polkka, a famous folk song, showed the audience the more rhytmic side of Finnish disposition.

Vice president Marja Sutela talks about her own traditions
Vice president Marja Sutela from TAMK had a speech about the traditions of Finnish Independence Day and how the Finns usually celebrate the day. She also told that her Independence Day is made with lighting the candles, eating good food and watching the President's Independence Day Reception live from TV. The reception is held at Tampere this year, so you might notice the special arrangements nearby Tampere Hall during the evening of the 6th. 

Myrskyluodon Maija performed by Nelli and Tiina
TAMK music students Nelli Korhonen and Tiina Puumalainen performed more sentimental Finnish music with violin and piano, and TAMK Tourism student Annika Dillenburger had a speech about her Finland. Annika, who is just graduating and returning to Germany, told her story and what these five years have given to her. She ended her speech by compacting the Finnish experience: "You can leave Finland, but Finland will never leave you!"

My Finland by Annika Dillenburger
The official part of the Reception ended with Maamme, the National Anthem of Finland, sang together. The party continued with coffee, discussion, laughter and Finland's Birthday Cake, as well as using the Photobooth organised by the Art and Media students Iina Kuula and Oona Seppänen. More pictures can be seen here.
Cake and karjalanpiirakka

Photobooth in operation

Guys from Unito and a fan
Guests were also treated with the Martial Arts Tricking show by Unito, whose energetic moves lit the audience! 

Happy Independence Day wishes from Marika and Krista
TAMK International Services wishes everyone Happy Independence Day! We thank you all for a warm-hearted evening and togetherness!

Text: Krista Merikoski
Pictures: Marika Kyllönen, Krista Merikoski and TAMK students Oona and Iina.



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