Thursday, 28 November 2013

International Staff Training Week 2013 in Copenhagen at Metropolitan University College from 11th to 15th of November 2013

There were over 70 participants to the Staff Training Week organised in Copenhagen middle of November 2013. From Tampere University of Applied Sciences Markus Suutala from ICT Customer Services and Senior Lecturer and International Coordinator Gitte Taulo from School of Health Care participated to the event.

Eager participants

Gitte Taulo is giving a presentation about Tampere University of Applied Sciences

The program included a guided cruise on the ferry

Markus is enjoying the Danish November weather

During the week Tivoli Park opened Christmas theme with lights.Today, the 169 year old amusement garden is an oasis in the heart of Copenhagen – a rare mixture of new and old, amusements and culture.

Gitte loves the atmosphere of Tivoli
Markus is admiring the beautiful lights of Copenhagen from the Ferris wheel in Tivoli
Text: Gitte Taulo
Pictures: Gitte Taulo, Markus Suutala 

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