Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Intensive programme has started at TAMK...

Start-up lecture by Mr Philippe Mongondry from ESA Angers, France

Yesterday the IP "Traditional Food in combating food-borne pathogens" has started on TAMK's premises. Besides TAMK students also foreign students and teachers from France, Italy, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Malta, Spain and Croatia are participating in the programme.

The first day went very well with lots of information and lectures and ended deliciously with the European Dinner in the evening, where the students from every country could introduce their local delicacies to the others.

TAMK lecturer and co-organizer of the programme Ms Leila Kakko is explaining about Finnish food

France showed its sweet side...

Ham, goat cheese and wine from Croatia

During the next two weeks the students will work in groups on different topics related to Finnish foods and beverages and present their findings to the teachers and other students at the end of the programme.

Text & Photos: Annika Dillenburger, Trainee, International Services

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