Monday, 24 June 2013

Spring visit to Denmark

Munke Mose campus
Landbrugsvej campus
In April, two of TAMK's study secretaries, Mervi Tikkanen, study secretary of DP in Hotel and Restaurant Management and DP in Service Management, and Satu Kelhä, study secretary of DP in Construction Engineering and DP in Construction Site Management, visited Lillebaelt Academy in Odense, Denmark. The visit was an Erasmus Staff exchange period to one of TAMK's partner universities. Mervi and Satu spent a week from April 8 to April 12 at the university and during the staff exchange, they visited three campuses of Nonnebakken, Munke Mose and Landbrugsvej.
Nonnebakken campus
Here are some of their pictures and words about the visit, reported by Satu Kelhä.

"When spending a week in Odense, we were given the opportunity to tell a little bit about TAMK and Tampere to the Danish and International students."
Mervi Tikkanen presenting TAMK

"As a part of Erasmus exchange, we met our colleagues to discuss about our professions and daily tasks. at Landbrugsvej campus the Head of Department of Service, Hospitality and Tourism Mangement, Lone Iversen, who gave us a thorough and informative presentation of the programme."

Lone Iversen (left) and Satu Kelhä

The enigmatic picture consists of cake decorations!

"We were very pleased to meet our Danish colleagues; in the picture below there are secretaries from the Nonnebakke campus. We discussed the routines of our daily work, but grandchildren, gardening and hobbies also were among the topics of discussion."

"We totally missed the beautiful main entrance to Munke Mose, and lost our guide Peter John Andersen as well. It was easy to guess, however, where to go for help – to the study secretaries’ office. Peter John Andersen gave us an interesting guided tour around in the Construction Department, and Tanja and Signe, study secretaries, offered us a nice cup of coffee with a chat. "


"We were told (to our surprise) that today’s children do not always know who HC Andersen is. To me his stories are an essential part of my childhood, and Little Mermaid was one of my favourites. "

At the end, these beautiful pictures from Odense welcome other TAMK staff members to participate an Erasmus staff exchange in Denmark. We hope to welcome colleagues from Odense to visit us in the future!

Text: Satu Kelhä
edit by Noora Kahra
Pictures: Satu Kelhä

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