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Advertising campaigns for companies by European Advertising Teams

The management of SARAR company with IP participants
European Advertising Teams - EUTA IP 2013 was organised in Eskisehir, Turkey. Altogether around 40 students and staff members from Belgium, Finland, the Netherlands, Spain, Turkey and UK took part in LLP Erasmus intensive programme.  From Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Finland six students participated the IP: Hanna Nelimarkka & Satu Majava from TAMK Virrat, Degree Programme in Media, Scriptwriting and Visual Expression, exchange students Gabriella Fodor & Petra Turi from TAMK Virrat and from Tampere Laura Heininen & Jaana Syrjälä from the Degree Programme in Tourism. The coordinator of the team from Finland was Senior Lecturer in Marketing Pirkko Varis.

Demonstration of SARAR products

Advertising and media expert presentation

Students were divided into multicultural teams to work with company assignments. From each of the countries one company had given an assignment to the IP. The main task of the students was to plan a marketing communications and an advertising campaign for the European markets. Special lectures were given by experts in marketing communications and advertising to give students guidance in their work. Staff members of the universities worked as coaches for the teams. Students built up marketing communications strategies, campaign plans and produced creative solutions for the companies. Each of the team worked hard across the multinational boundaries and produced several campaigns for the companies.

Teams working

From Finland the assignment was given by Iittala. The aim was to raise brand awareness and sales of the vases and bowls of Alvar Aalto Collection among the selected target audience in Europe, to influence on the target audience, to raise the recognition of Aalto on social media in European markets, and to design an integrated marketing communications campaign including both traditional media and internet, online & social media. The student team from Finland did a market survey before the IP and the multicultural team worked with the assignment in Turkey. The company got the results of the work and is able to use suggested ideas in its operations.

Presentation of one team
Pirkko Varis with other judges listening to presentations
Team Iittala with certificates
To work in a multicultural team with a real-life assignment was a very positive experience. In addition to the study programme, some visits to the region and cultural programme were organized.  More about the experiences and feelings you can find in the Facebook.

We did it! Happy IP participants
Text: The team from Finland

Photos: Staff of Anadolu University

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