Monday, 13 May 2013

Exchange students visited a local school

Geting Zhu from Nanjing Forestry University discussing with the pupils in their English class.

A group of curious exchange students left TAMK for one day to visit Ylöjärvi Upper Secondary School. The exchange students took part in lessons, gave presentations to the pupils in different subjects and got familiar with the Finnish school life.

Nursing student Juan Riesgo Martín presented his home country in the Spanish lesson.

The exchange students appreciated the possibility to see how the school system and teaching methods differ from their home countries. The Finnish education system has been ranked among the best ones in the world but the students were critical enough to make their own opinions. Here you can find some comments from the feedback after the visit:

"I learn that study is not limited into some teaching ways .We should try more open methods that inspire students to learn instead of pushing them."

"Through the class, I felt Finnish school is too free but Japanese school is too strict and both of them has weak point to teach social rule."

"The most surprising thing for me became an appearance of this school. I understand that for Finnish people maybe it's ordinary but I was really amazed by the size, externality and facilities of school. Comparing to the Russian usual secondary school it is a palace. Also a big difference lies in relations between teacher and student. In your country teachers always refer to children and youngsters as to equal persons, don't show any superiorities and special rights which students don't have."

"The way of educating is quite different then in Belgium. We have lessons of 50 minutes and the students have their own classroom. Everybody follows the same lessons but if you want to do more science or more languages then you can change it."

"Next time I wish I can go to the sauna in high school with students there, haha..."

Ylöjärvi Upper Secondary School students were proud to present their brand new premises to the visitors.

The visit was a part of Erasmus in Schools project  that implements CIMO's (Centre for International Mobility) national program. The goal of the project is to offer the exchange students a chance to get to know a new aspect of Finnish society and culture, but also present their own country. Same time the visitors offer an international experience for the local pupils and encourage them to speak foreign languages.

Text: Kaisa Merilahti, International Services
Photos: Panu Alanko, Kaisa Merilahti

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