Monday, 11 March 2013

Exchange students' opinions: "The best country to study"

"Finnish people are open, and nature is beautiful", "Prices are too high", "The best country to study"

These were some of the answers when the students from Ylöjärvi Upper Secondary School did a small survey of exchange students' experiences. The survey was a part of their English language studies and around 20 TAMK exchange students were interviewed. The answers are presented in greater detail below.

Local students got a good opportunity to practice English language when interviewing Oanh Hoang and Bram Cooreman (behind).

Why did you choose Finland / TAMK?
  • Finnish people have good English skills
  • Likes cold climate
  • Finland was the most interesting option
  • A Friend was in Finland 5 years ago
  • Change to home country (2 answers)
  • Likes drinking alcohol and sauna
  • Finland was the best country to study IT engineering
  • Nature
  • Never been in Finland
  • Had been previously in an exchange in southern Europe and wanted to go to a different kind of country
  • Tampere was the biggest city in the alternatives

Have you found any positive sides about TAMK?
  • Good equipment
  • Good organizing
  • Food (x 3)
  • Library (x 2)
  • New friends
  • Modern
  • Good opportunities
  • Good team spirit
  • Cheap
  • Teaching is good
  • Studying is relaxed
  • Classrooms are nice
  • Good transportation probabilities
  • People are open minded (x 3)
  • Good apartments

What negative sides have you found about TAMK?
  • Everyone isn’t ready to talk with exchange students (x 3)
  • School is unclear
  • Library gets closed too early
  • Food
  • Not yet (x 6)
  • Some of the teachers don’t understand everything

What is the most valuable thing about studying abroad?
  • Experiencing other cultures
  • Learn to live on one’s own
  • More choices to major in
  • Culture
  • New people
  • Now I can compare my own country to other countries
  • Gets more motivation on studying

What kind of differences there are between Finnish culture and your own?
  • Almost the same
  • You have to stop the bus to get off
  • Finnish people are friendlier
  • Finnish people need more space of their own

Could you consider working in Finland?
  • Yes if it wouldn’t be so cold
  • Yes
  • Yes, but darkness scares

How would you compare the Finnish education to your own?
  • In Finland it’s more independent and more comfortable
  • Can’t compare
  • Doesn’t study so much because she is on-the-job learning
  • Studying in Greece is different because of the economy crisis
  • In Finland studying is more practical
  • In Finland studying is economically supported
  • Much smaller studying groups in Finland

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