Friday, 22 March 2013

Entrepreneurship - In Your Dreams?

On Wednesday March 20, Pakkahuone (Old Customs House) was filled with hundreds of people interested in entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship - In Your Dreams? -event was meant for people who want to figure out their opportunities, consider their goals, look for the following step or find the partner they need to bring their business idea to fruition.

Photo: Outi Puhakka, TaY
The event was especially meant for students and staff in higher education institutions. The organizers evaluated that around 80 % of the total enrollments, which the event had around 400, were students and the rest 20 % were staff of different institutions. By these numbers we can assume there’s a need for a new channel of networking for young entrepreneurs in the Tampere region.

Entrepreneurship - In Your Dreams? was organized by ENTRE, a cooperation of
Y campus of Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK)
TALLI support center of new entrepreneurs and innovations of Tampere University of Technology (TUT)
Service Innovation Centre of University of Tampere (UTA)

ENTRE is part of Unipoli Tampere cooperation between the three universities.

This was the first entrepreneurship event organized by ENTRE. The event consisted of keynote speakers including Mr. Timo Vuorensola who is a director at Blind Spot Picture. He shared his experience as an amateur film maker in the business. He encouraged everyone not to always think about the impossible but the chances you have as entrepreneur. He took an example of his own cooperation with fans and internet societies when funding his films such as Iron Sky and Star Wreck.

Audience listening to Mr. Timo Vuorensola's talk, "Sky is not the limit". Photo: Outi Puhakka, TaY

Entrepreneurship - In Your Dreams? also consisted of Start-up Cafés, Case Cafés and Free Zone networking. Start-up Cafés offered useful knowledge and tips for everyone interested in entrepreneurship or running a business. In Case Cafés you could hear stories and experiences from successful entrepreneurs. Free Zone offered refreshments and free networking with participants and entrepreneur’s best friends at info stands.

TAMK, UTA and TUT signed the Unipoli Tampere Agreement in 2006. Recent years have expanded and deepened collaboration between the three institutions, which is also the main purpose of the agreement: to establish closer ties, support an efficient use of resources and promote the city's development into an international hub of expertise.

Host Simo Frangén interviews Harri Melin, the vice principal of University of Tampere, TAMK's principal Markku Lahtinen and TUT's first director in charge of PR and partnerships Anne-Mari Järvelin about their piece of art they just created. Photo: Outi Puhakka, TaY

Entrepreneurship - In Your Dreams? was just a kick-off for ENTRE’s function in Tampere.

Stay tuned for more activities of ENTRE in the near future!

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