Thursday, 3 January 2013

Hague University of Applied Sciences: It is possible to feel comfortable there

Travel broadens – and especially visiting a university of applied sciences abroad. My first study trip to Holland made it possible to visit the main campus of The Hague University of Applied Sciences. The building impressed even if we only saw a fraction of it.

The ten-year-old campus building is located right at the centre of Hague. According to the staff, it is one of the most magnificent buildings in Holland.

I can’t deny that it stands out from the rest. The clean courtyard area and the round shape of the building make the first impression. Inside the building, the first eye-catchers are the glass roof and the terraces surrounding the light atrium. A couple of steps ahead reveal many interesting details: colours, shapes, spaces, sculptures, paintings, photos.

And people. More than 20 000 thousand people visit the campus daily, in the atrium and terraces people come and go to and from many directions all the time. But it does not feel crowded, groups are sitting here and there, and the atmosphere is convivial. The visitor tries to see what people are eating at the cafeteria. Next time I will also visit the campus shop and the library …

You can also visit the building on a virtual tour.

Text and photos: Leena Stenman, Head of Communications Services, TAMK

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