Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Discovering Nancy

Professors Cécile Valliéres (IUT Nancy-Brabois) and Ulla Häggblom (TAMK) in a laboratory visit.

Two colleagues from TAMK, Ms Ulla Häggblom (Head of Paper, Textile and Chemical Engineering degree programme) and Ms Kirsi Tolvanen (Head of International Services), had a change to visit Univeristy de Lorraine / IUT Nancy-Brabois 12-14 December 2012. The main focus of the visit was to find out if this French university would be a suitable partner university for TAMK's Paper, Textile and Chemical degree programme.

During the visit TAMK delegation had a chance to see the university campus and laboratories, learn about French education and research and discuss about future co-operation. It was also agreed that TAMK and IUT Nancy-Brabois will start student and staff exchanges during the academic year of 2013-14. And the long-term plan is to create deeper cooperation and joint projects between these two universities.

Photo and text: Kirsi Tolvanen 

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