Friday, 7 September 2012

Two groups from Miyagi University

In the end of August two groups from Miyagi University, Japan, arrived in TAMK for study visits. Three Nursing students participated in an intensive course called Gerontological Nursing. At the same time Research & Development department was hosting a group of six Miyagi students.

The nursing students Yoriko Arashida, Risa Nishiyama and Chiho Saito had a full programme for the whole two weeks. They participated in the lectures with Finnish nursing students and they had a chance to see different aspects of elderly nursing in Finland like hospitals, retirement homes and home care. The organizer of the visit, Principal Lecturer in School of Health Care, Sirpa Salin was really pleased to see how eager the Miyagi students were to learn. She also got lot of new energy when she saw the enthuasism of the students.

The girls become friends with TAMK nursing students and luckily they're going to meet again next spring when the TAMK student group is going to visit Miyagi University.

In the end of the visit Principal Lecturer Sirpa Salin handed out the Certificates to the Miyagi students.

The other Miyagi group consisted of six students from different fields like Tourism, Design and Business studies. The aim of the programme was to innovate new concepts in collaboration with R&D staff and their projects. During the visit the student stayed at home accomodation so they got the first-hand experience of Finnish homes, families and culture.

Looking forward to having active cooperation with Miyagi University in the future as well!

Text and photo: Kaisa Merilahti, International Services

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caringhomesdc said...

It's great to see the worldwide health care community all coming together to make one another better. At our care homes in West Sussex we have a lot of cultural diversity amongst our residents, so you never know when being educated in another language/culture will come in useful!

I hope that the return trip to Miyagi University is as much of a success.