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Omanis Learnt Engineering and Life

"I love walking. The summer has been really nice here as I have been able to walk as much as I have wanted.” In Tampere, the summer joy of engineering student Fawziya AL-Jabri from Oman has been as simple as walking, but walking cannot be taken for granted in hown home country.

Sumaya AL-Maimani, Doctor Harith AL Bousaidi and Fawziya AL-Jabri think the summer weather has been great in Finland: "We love the rain as the temperature in our home country can rise to 50 degrees."
AL-Jabri belongs to the group of 25 eager engineering students, who arrived at TAMK in Midsummer for a two-month education. The Omani engineering students have three years of engineering studies behind them in their home country and are now complementing their studies at TAMK. They are learning about IT tools of engineering and use of laboratories in measuring and analysis.

"Finland is a very safe place. At first, our students’ parents were of course a little worried when they heard about their adolescents’ summer destination but everything has gone so well that there has been no reason to worry. Our trip has been successful. Our students have gained confidence and diverse culture experiences in addition to studying their own field", tells the group leader, Doctor AL Bousaidi. The trip to Finland has been a dream come true for Fawziya AL-Jabri and Sumaya Maimani.
"Most of us students had earlier only travelled in the Gulf countries. All have been very friendly towards us in Tampere and at TAMK. Finns are always on time everywhere and thus one of the most important things we have learnt is respect for punctuality. At first, we always had to run for the bus from our lodging in Lapinniemi as we slept so late. We wondered why Finns did not run. We have also been greeted with friendliness in the city. In our opinion Finns are well-mannered."

The girls say that studying in a new environment, speaking in English, and learning to know new people have been the best part of the trip. "I have felt myself as a princess as everybody has been so helpful towards us here", tells AL-Jabri.

Electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and chemical engineering studies at TAMK

After the joint studies at the beginning, the students were based on their special fields divided into three groups for the practical works.

The electrical engineering students thought the practical works were interesting and told that they have learnt a lot of new things.


Mansoor AL Harthi’s and Jaber AL Jahwari’s task was to set the digital dial indicator and measure with it. 
Mansoor AL Harthi and Jaber AL Jahwari are studying mechanical engineering. AL Harthi and AL Jahwari told they were surprised and happy when they heard of being accepted to Finland by the Omani higher education ministry.

"This has been a very good experience for us. Our parents were also happy and proud when they heard about the matter. TAMK’s teachers and staff have been very friendly and helpful. We have also been very satisfied with the quality of teaching. The best part has been the visits to companies, such as Fastems. Even if the theory is important, it is still a different matter altogether to see how the machines work. We have also had leisure time. We have explored the city, gone to the cinema, fished, and admired the sceneries, especially the beautiful lakes."

According to Laboratory Engineer Jani Katajisto (the bearded man in the middle), studying of the Omani students has proceeded in the same way as with the Finnish students.

The task of another mechanical engineering group was measuring with a micrometer.

The chemical engineering students had the task to perform a metal analysis on lake water.

Diverse laboratory assignments have been completed in the chemistry laboratory, for example analyses of plastic types and chemical oxygen consumption. The cooperation between Teacher Seija Haapamäki and the chemistry students has been smooth.
The girls analysed the composition of a perfume. The perfume called Noora was brought from their home country, Oman. Noora has a typical, strong oriental scent.

Laboratory Engineer Heli Knuutila and the group of girls studying chemistry.

In the middle of their studies, the students organised an Oman event for TAMK staff where they presented Oman. Omani delicacies were also served.

Men's dress is a long shirt-like gown with a turban or embroidered cap. TAMK’s Continuing Education Coordinator Virpi Heinonen was one the persons who were in charge of the practical matters of the visit.

Both men and women wear traditional dresses in Oman. Women wear a black gown when they go out. During trips abroad they may also wear Western clothes.
Tourists have a lot to see and experience in Oman. Oman is located at the tip of the Arabian Peninsula with Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and the United Arab Emirates as neighbours.

The luckiest TAMK staff members could also have an extremely skilful henna tattoo on the hand.
There are 3 million inhabitants in the country reigned by the sultan. 

The Omani group, which has studied at TAMK for two months, spent their last weekend in the middle of August on a Stockholm cruise. The students will then return to their home town of Sohar.

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