Friday, 3 August 2012

Along with the Finnish language courses came the sun!

EILC and NSS Summer School

First day is full of new exciting things!
TAMK organizes Erasmus Intensive Language Course (EILC) for the second time this year. The EILC courses are organized for European Erasmus students and courses are funded by the European Union. The course goes on for three weeks, from 30.7 to 17.8.2012. There are altogether 32 exchange students taking part in EILC of TAMK. They come from Spain, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, and Latvia. After the course the participants will continue their exchange studies either at TAMK, Tampere University of Technology, University of Tampere or Satakunta University of Applied Sciences.

At the same time with EILC, TAMK organizes North-South-South (NSS) Summer School for ten exchange students coming from different countries of Africa; Namibia, Tanzania, South-Africa and Mozambique. After the language course all of them will continue their exchange studies at TAMK.

There are also other beginners’ level Finnish language courses organized in Tampere during this summer. University of Tampere organizes EILC courses and SITR (the Studying in Tampere Region) organizes Summer School for exchange students coming outside of the EU. Finnish language courses of TAMK co-operate with other Finnish language courses, especially on free time activities.

In addition to Finnish language lessons, we organize many cultural activities during these three weeks. Students get to familiarize with Finnish culture and the city of Tampere; experience the heat of sauna, taste Finnish food, try Nordic walking, take part in Finnish mini-olympics, watch Finnish movies and much more.

City tour, sauna and culture shock!

At the Pyynikki ridge
On Monday, 30th of July, it was time to kick-off the EILC course and NSS Summer School! The classroom was filled with many curious and smiling faces and we all were excited about the coming three weeks. The first day was used for orientation; passing out information, taking care of practical matters and getting to know the premises of TAMK. First day is always very hectic and so was this one. Gladly everything worked out well.

At the Stable Yards
On Tuesday Ms Ulla-Maija Koivula, Principal lecturer of Social Services and Management, gave a lecture about Finnish Society and Culture. In the end of the lecture everyone was laughing out loud to humorous YouTube sketch on Finnish drinking habits. In the afternoon the students had their first language lessons. As a result you could hear them practising how to pronounce the letter R, Ä and Ö in Finnish and how to say “Mitä kuuluu?”. In the afternoon we had a guided sightseeing tour around Tampere. We discovered the most fascinating parts of Tampere such as Hervanta suburb, city centre, Stable Yards and beautiful Pyynikki ridge.
Pojat on poikia! Boys are boys!

Mustaamakkaraa, yam!

On Wednesday Mr Brown Onduso lectured about Culture Shock and at least after that everyone was shocked about some Finnish habits, such as nudity in sauna. So after that, on Thursday, it was good to relieve the shock by going to sauna. We took a boat to Viikinsaari Island where almost everyone tried sauna and swimming. They really seemed to enjoy the sauna and refreshing water of Pyhäjärvi! The day also included some football, volleyball and barbecuing. 


Waiting for a boat to the Viikinsaari!

Girls and...

Walking, or fighting, with wooden legs...?

Volleyball match after sauna and swimming

That’s all for now on. I’ll tell you more about our adventures later!

Text: Tiia Partanen, course secretary of language courses, International Services
Photos: Tiia Partanen and Sanna Hosike, International Services

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