Tuesday, 28 August 2012

160 new faces in the Exchange Student Orientation

New exchange students starting the Orientation on Monday morning

We all met lot of new people during the Exchange Student Orientation week.
Around 130 new exchange students, 20 tutors and some TAMK staff members participated in the Main Orientation on 20-24 August 2012.

The week started on Monday with welcoming words, presentation about TAMK and filling different kind of forms.

Jonathan, Netherlands, is playing games with the others

The official part was soon over, because in the afternoon it was time to make a trip to Viikinsaari island. The sun was shining and people had a good chance to get to know each other while playing games, going to sauna, swimming and eating picnic. The trip was organized in cooperation with CLINT.
On the way back to the city, the boat was full of happy faces!

Joanna, Mexico, and Daniele, Italy, are enjoying their time on Viikinsaari island

Tuesday was a long day with plenty of information about studying in TAMK. The students saw presentations on different topics like UNIPOLI studies, Demola, library services, living in student housing, student activities, etc.

Tutors organized activities for the exchange students on Viikinsaari

On Wednesday the day started with a guided city tour. The weather was rainy so luckily the tour was done by bus!

The rest of the week was reserved for the practical matters and Learning Agreement meetings with own International Coordinator in each school. Student from other campuses than Kuntokatu Campus had also time to get familiar with the own campus.

 In this Autumn semester there will be over 160 exchange students in total. Around 30 students will arrive during September. But now the main group of the exchange students is ready to start the studies this week!

Everyone is excited about the upcoming semester in TAMK!

Text: Kaisa Merilahti
Photos: Sanna Hosike and Kaisa Merilahti, International Services

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