Monday, 7 May 2012

International Week for School of Vocational Teacher Education 17–21 April 2012

School of Vocational Teacher Education organised its first international week ever with a theme “The path to becoming a vocational teacher”. The week consisted of lectures and discussions of hosts and participants, visiting different kinds of learning environments, networking, project planning and some free time activities concerning Finnish culture. 

Active discussions began already during the first day and lasted until the end of the week.

School of Vocational Teacher Education hosted 18 participants from France, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, The Czech Republic, Slovakia and The Netherlands. As the theme of this international week was to become familiar with the path to becoming a vocational teacher in different countries, the lectures and presentations of participants (as well as hosts) were focused to this theme. The participants were quite interested in Finnish vocational teacher education system, which was introduced at the beginning of the week. The lectures and presentations of the participants dealt with interesting themes such as “Vocational teacher training in Hungary”, “Synchronous coaching of student teachers with WIME (Whisper In My Ear) device”, “Webb based evaluation support for vocational teachers”, “From novice to respected practitioner”, “Problems in mentor teacher training”, “Instructional use of ICT for vocational teacher”, “Students’ professional training in France” and “Education by project in French agricultural high school”. These themes and presentations gave an excellent insight to vocational teacher’s profession around Europe.

Two of the learning environments we visited during the week were ITSE Facilities (Facilities for independent living of elderly and disabled people at home) and the premises of aircraft technician training (Mänttä vocational secondary school)  

Sandra Landemaine is giving a presentation.

Some brave French guests went swimming in the lake Näsijärvi!

The participants had the opportunity to take part in informal free time activities in the evenings. Hopefully some unforgettable memories came from cooking and dining with TAMK degree programme students from hotel and restaurant management, swimming in the lake Näsijärvi and taking a sauna as well as dining with brilliant company.

The feedback we got from our guests was positive. The first international week for school of vocational teacher education was a success and TAOKK has the will to develop this to be a yearly event. TAOKK staff thanks all the guests and co-organisers for an unforgettable week. Hopefully we will see again!

Text: Maija Joensuu, TAOKK

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