Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Orientation for outgoing students – success once more!

West Finland HEInet organized an annual orientation day for outgoing students and trainees for the 13th time. The event was held at University of Tampere and brought together approximately 450 new hopefuls and veterans of internationalization.

The orientation day offers vital information for exchange students and trainees, and trains them to deal with situations which may arise during the exchange period. Previous days have included lectures about adapting to a new culture, personal safety abroad, and offered a chance to get more information about organizations and companies useful for an exchange student. Some of the lectures are aimed to all participants and some of them are host country or continent specific offering a possibility to present questions to students who already have completed their exchange period.

This year’s speakers included Dr. Teemu Palosaari from the Tampere Peace Research Institute and Ms Mirja Sipinen, a joint correspondent in Moscow for STT (the Finnish News Agency) and MTV Media. The focus of both speakers was on personal safety while abroad. The speakers emphasized the importance of critical thinking towards news that are spread in tabloids and remembering to follow the guidelines given by the authorities in crises abroad.

According to the received feedback – as anticipated – the afternoon country group discussions between past and future exchange participants were the most rewarding part of the day for the new outgoing students. First-hand knowledge on how things work in the planned destination is priceless.

Big thanks to everyone involved in making the day a great success once more!

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