Tuesday, 31 January 2012

TAMK doing social responsibility in Namibia

Students from TAMK Consulting Academy raised money to make collaboration with students from Polytechnic of Namibia’s entrepreneurship program ProLearning. The aim was to do a social responsibility project to help and contribute to the Namibian society. We felt that the children are the future of Namibia and that’s why we wanted to support the orphen children by donating school shoes, backpacks and other school necessities plus we gave washing powder, soap, food and toys. We chose to donate goods to a small orphanage in Katutura, a township in the capital of Namibia, called Havana children home since it only gets support from the church and some other private donors.

The children home is a house run by a woman called Lina Johannes, who has taken orphen children and raised them all by herself. Currently the Havana children home has twenty children, youngest being the age of 3 months and oldest is twenty years. Reason why we chose this particular children home was because the bigger orphanages get attention and help more often than these smaller ones so we wanted to support this lady and the good work she is doing.

We gave a lot of smiles to the childrens faces that day and I can say that it was one of the most wonderful experiences during my stay. The children were happy to have people to play with them and giving attention and I was overjoyed that we were given this opportunity to contribute to a good cause. We also got the attention of two newspapers and one tv-station and they were interested in students doing social responsibility and we hope that  the stories made encourages communities and corporate sector also to take part and help small orphanages like Havana children home more in the future. 
A big thanks goes to the students of TAMK Consulting Academy who raised the money, without them this project wouldn’t have happened. Hopefully the publicity that came out of the project brought some more help to Ms.Lina Johannes and she would be able to support her children in their education and life in the future as well. This social responsibility project made many people happy and therefore I think it was a success.

Text and photos: Suvi-Tuuli Heiskanen, graduated from TAMK in December 2011

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