Friday, 20 January 2012

Moi! Kiitos! (= Hello! Thanks!)

The new exchange students have started their exchange at TAMK. 

The first 60 exchangees took part in the Exchange Student Orientation on 4 – 5 January 2012. Altogether, there will be 130 new students arriving during the spring.

And the new exchange students brought the winter with them!

At Christmas, we barely had any snow in Tampere. And now we have some 50 cm and blizzards almost every day!

So the weather is quite different from what the students are used to… 

Or then not:

-The climate is just like at home, say Valeriya Pozdeeva and Tatiana Geraymovich, who come from Syktyvkar Forest Institute, Komi Republic of Russia, 1000 km northeast of Moscow. 

- The education system is very different: education concentrates very much on practice here. In Russia, it is theory, theory, theory. And we have no foreign students in our university.

- We like TAMK because it is so modern. All we need is here: computers, printers, cafe. People speak very good English. And now we know people from all around the world: Spain, Germany, Mexico, China…

Text and photos: Mirja Onduso, TAMK International Services

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