Tuesday, 20 December 2011

From Prague to Tampere – Virrat – Helsinki

A busy week? Try one of our international guests’! Jitka Hejtmanová from FAMU International, Czech Republic, visited us last week to practice what we preach, exchange best practices with us, that is. International staff exchange at its’ best is giving as well as receiving perspective to your own work. We got some idea what it’s like work at FAMU, and Jitka picked on some of the well polished practices we have at TAMK to take back home with her.

As FAMU International is a partner for Art and Media programmes, Jitka spent a day at Virrat campus with International Coordinator Janne Tauriainen. She was also hosted by Sohvi Sirkesalo at Finlayson campus and TAMK International Services at Kuntokatu 3. In addition, for her final day in Finland, Jitka hopped on a train to spend it in Helsinki.

Fortunately there was a Christmas menu served at Campusravita restaurant and Jitka got a taste of traditional Finnish Christmas food such as swede casserole and gravlax. Must have been interesting, but “tasty” was her word. She also explained us the Czech tradition of St. Nicholas, angel and – yes – the devil, a trio that greets the children and treats them with small gifts on December 5th
Jitka having Christmas lunch
During the week, we had meetings where we discussed about international cooperation between FAMU and TAMK, how it’s working and how it would be best developed. During the visits to Finlayson and Virrat, Jitka got some hands-on information about the students that hopefully in the future will be applying for exchange at FAMU.

Jitka left home inspired, as she said. But also, we got a good conception about the international operations at FAMU. For now, the TAMK International Services  will slow down the hosting part of our work for Christmas to ponder on the ideas and suggestions we got from all our visitors during this fall. We’ll be welcoming next visitors again in – OMG – 2012!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Text: Noora Järventaus, International Services
Photo: Jitka Hejtmanová

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