Wednesday, 26 October 2011

TAMK’s student Noora Mäcklin dazzles as the new Maiden of Light

Noora Mäcklin, a 23-year-old student from Ylöjärvi, was selected for the Maiden of Light, the figurehead for the 46th Tampere Illuminations. Noora was given flowers at the final organised in connection with the ASTA Koti 2011 fair in Tampere. The soon graduating social services student and the new Maiden of Light told how she ended up becoming the Maiden of Light and how her working place surprised her after the win.

A year ago, Noora was singing at the Christmas Market with her sister Joanna. At the same time they attended the closing of the market hosted by that year’s Maiden of Light Melinda Sulkama. As a result of this, Noora soon became interested in the work of the Maiden of Light. She searched for related information in the internet, and decided to apply in the following year.

Noora was accepted to the competition. She experienced the semi-final as the most exciting phase: 

”When I knew that I passed the semi-final, I had already partly won myself. The final weeks were fun; all the finalists were really nice. I had most help from the stage performance prep given by Anne Helistö (Fashion Studio). I was a lot better at the final as I was not so nervous anymore.  I was able to be myself.”

Noora will soon graduate to Bachelor of Social Services in the option of Social Pedagogy. She does not know yet where she would like to work. Noora says that she enjoys her work at the Social Insurance Institution of Finland. The best in her TAMK studies have been the practical trainings as she has found work and more or less her own place in social services through them. Noora also liked the bachelor’s thesis work.
Even if Noora has not yet actually begun her year as the Maiden of Light, she already waits for the visits to the old people’s homes and the opening of the Christmas Market:

”The best will be to meet different people. I believe that I will also enjoy the hosting jobs. I know that I will like singing and playing as there is nothing better to do during Christmas than to sing carols!”

According to Noora, her strengths as the Maiden of Light come from the studies and hobbies. Noora tells that she is social and empathic. She has also had experience in performance through music. Noora has played the violin and piano as well as sung since she was a child.

”The warm comments and congratulations have been the nicest during these weeks after the final and before the opening of the Illuminations. My family has been as excited about the future tasks as I. I also had a nice surprise from my working place: congratulations and a bunch of flowers from the directors and a head lamp from the fellow workers to bring light to the darkness!”

The new Maiden of Light begins her year by hosting the opening of the Illuminations on Sunday 30 October. She will also participate in the opening of Tampere Christmas and the Christmas parade on Sunday 20 November. In addition, she will visit numerous old people’s homes bringing light to them who cannot visit the Illuminations anymore.

Text: Emma Ketonen
Rendition: Reija Lamminsivu

Photos: Noora Mäcklin

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