Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Stockholm, an AMAZING city!

It all started on Sunday morning at 11. We were gathering in front of TAMK with about 100 exchange students. In order words: the recipe for having a great time!
The trip was organized by Club International Tampere (CLINT), and they made sure that we had bus transportation directly to the Viking Line in Helsinki. We only paid 50 euros for the whole trip which was in my opinion really cheap for one of the best weekend of my life.
There were a lot of things to do on the boat. There were bars, a cinema, restaurants, a casino, a duty free shop and of course 100 other exchange students who want to have a great time!
My plan was not to party the first night since I didn’t like to have a hangover during the six hours in Helsinki.  But that is quite a challenge with such amazing people, nice drinks and great (Finnish) music in the club on the boat. It took 15 hours to get from Helsinki to Stockholm, but the time was flying.
The next morning I woke up with a tiny hangover and went outside to see the skyline of Stockholm, Sweden.
What an tremendously beautiful city! As soon as we got off the boat we seriously had no clue where to look, because everything was so beautiful. The old town is huge and all the buildings have beautiful colors especially in the sunny weather we had!

I have visited quite a lot of cities in Europe. I have been in Copenhagen, Riga, Tallinn, Paris, London, Milano and so on. But Stockholm is the most beautiful city I have ever visited. The 6 hours were absolutely too short so I would love to visit this city again!!
Many thanks to the great people who organized this trip!
Text and photos: Tom Winkel, International Business Exchange Student from Utrecht, Netherlands

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