Sunday, 11 September 2011

“AMAZING” is going through our heads, day after day

We, exchange students, have begun our study here at TAMK on 22th August with Orientation Week. On the way there, I was thinking, where I have to go and how will I find the classroom, since I have never been on the Kuntokatu campus. But, much to my surprise, there were international tutors with our name tags and folders with all the info we need. Then they send us to the classroom, where was coffee and sandwiches.
After that, I was not worried anymore and there was no reason for that.
We got lot of information in the folders and from international coordinators. But just to be sure that we know everything, there were guys from student union TAMKO, banks, free time activities, health care, and more. We could ask all that was on our mind. Orientation contained also tour through the main campus and the city of Tampere.
All this showed me that this exchange will be the best thing in my life.

Probably the best part of it all is the international group of people that surround me every day, from all the corners of the world. Everybody is so different, and that is the beauty of it. Meeting new people, new cultures new habits and, most importantly, exploring FINLAND: from little islands like Viikinsaari to lakes, sauna and Finnish language.
See you around :)
Text and Photos: Klemen Krulec, Media exchange student from Maribor University, Slovenia

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