Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A really nice Nice network meeting 2011 in Zwolle and Emden

In summer 2011 Pirkko Varis from Tampere University of Applied Sciences had the possibility to participate in the annual NICE network meeting, organised by Marianne van Vlierden & Jamillla ter Steege from Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, School of Business & Economics in Zwolle, the Netherlands and Andrea Meyenburg & Katja Hakkarainen-Janssen from the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer in Emden, Germany.

Marianne van Vlierden opening the NN meeting.

Thomas Hoffmann from University of Applied Sciences Nordhausen introducing new members.

The programme included plenary and workshop sessions on ERASMUS news and updates, internationalization at home, (un)successful IP applications, institutional internationalization strategies, strategies for improving faculty involvement in exchanges, ensuring maximum benefit from the Erasmus experience for all university members, international project and staff weeks update. An introduction to the Netherlands by a Dutch student and a presentation on Emden and East Frisia by the representative of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce were part of the programme, too. We got many useful ideas for our work in international affairs and did a lot of networking.

A new member of the network Olev Tõru presenting Tallinn College of Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia.

Workshop sessions.

Margarete Seidenspinner from Heilbronn University and thank you to Marianne, Katja and Andrea.

Several visits were organized, too. We had a very interesting and special visit to the Simulation Centre of the department of Maritime Studies of the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer in Leer and a guided tour in Emden including an East Frisian Tea Ceremony. In the Netherlands we had a guided tour in the city centre of Zwolle and we made a roundtrip by boat in Giethoorn, called the Venice of Holland. In the centre of the village there are wooden arch bridges and canals where you have to travel by boat. Thank you Marianne for organizing this fantastic experience!

Some of us leaving for the roundtrip by boat in Giethoorn.


What is NICE network?

The New Initiatives and Challenges in Europe, NICE network is a network for representatives of more than 35 business schools, faculties and departments of business and economics. They work together in order to develop curricula, joint projects, intensive programmes, exchanges, internships and other cooperation. Pirkko Varis from Tampere University of Applied Sciences has taken part for many years in the NICE network and in the projects initiated by the members of the network. For example the IICEE European module was developed by some partners and now it is part of the curriculum in several universities throughout Europe, TAMK included. An intensive programme (IP) has been developed based upon the module, too. In annual meetings of the network study programmes and methods are compared, new initiatives are discussed and proposals are made for cooperation and development of the network. The Quality Charter of the NICE network and other information is available on the website of the network

Text : Pirkko Varis
Photos: Regina Parzer, IMC Fachhochschule Krems - University of Applied Sciences Krems, Austria & Jamilla ter Steege, Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands

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