Tuesday, 30 August 2011

March of Time

“Days of joy, day of sadness come and go to pass
me by. A month, a year, one hundred years, they fly”
It feels like I started my traineeship at TAMK International Services yesterday.
It is hard to believe that I started working here six months ago and now my traineeship is coming to its end.
Through the months I have experienced all sorts of things, met hundreds of nice people from various countries and learned a thing or two while working at TAMK.
I have really enjoyed working in a truly international environment and being able to help TAMK to be even more international in the future.

I also noticed that one should never underestimate the MS Office skills needed for this kind of a job. I must pay special thanks to Mr. Timo Nevalainen, who taught me some really handy tricks in his computing lessons.

The highlight of the whole traineeship was the International Week for Non-Teaching Staff in June. Organizing the whole event and meeting our lovely guests was spectacular. Sometimes I did not even feel I was working!

As I have been one of the main contributors to this blog, I sure hope this TAMK International Blog stays alive even when I am gone.

My current plan is to continue and finish my International Business studies here at TAMK. Hopefully I will find a good thesis topic and be able to graduate in the desired time span. Who knows where I will end up next year… maybe I will write to this blog again in another life!

After all the experiences I got through this traineeship, I can say that TAMK is a great place as a student and as an employee too!

Text: Elias Suominen
Photo: Noora Järventaus

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