Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Experiences of studies - Diego Rivas, a graduate from TAMK

"I am very glad and satisfied that I have finished my Bachelor’s Degree. The whole time spent at TAMK was very satisfactory.

First of all, it is relevant to say that I am very grateful for the opportunity to study at TAMK and for the whole aspect of my studies. The studies in Finland, and being more specific on the Degree Programme in Tourism, were very professionally oriented, something different from some other study experiences that I had taken before. The facts that I appreciate the most were the flexibility during the studies, the facilities offered, the opportunities to take part on Erasmus exchange programmes, internships also abroad, and the participation on some intensive programmes with some other universities.

Diego (on the left in the photo) with the winning team from Finland in ICC IP in Germany.

The studies were organized in a very flexible way and they were more orientated on practice matters rather than in theoretical ones, being those theoretical taught in order to be used in the working life. So I really felt that at some point by working in groups, organizing events and trips, making some real assignments in direct collaboration with some companies were tasks useful for my working life. I have noticed also that I was getting more competence expertise as long as the studies were going along, and the final thesis was probably the reflection of it. Due to my studies and internship experiences, I see myself more professionally prepared to face new challenging situations and I definitely do not regret the time being at TAMK.

During my studies I had the chance to participate in two different international Erasmus intensive programmes related to tourism and intercultural communication, in Finland and in Germany. Both were a great chance to meet up people, to learn more about other cultures and communication and to work in groups with other students from other universities and background. It was also a great chance to know new destinations. I also had the chance to fulfil my internships in different companies, lasting three months each time, first in Düsseldorf (Germany) in an online tourism enterprise and lately in Spain in a consulting company. Beside those ones, the flexibility of my studies were really important as at the same time I was a student I was also working as a freelance Spanish teacher in Tampere, which also gave me a nice input about the Finnish culture and people.

In May 2011, just before my graduation, I moved to Bergen, Norway, where I have found a job related to tourism, my study field, and I am sure that I will use my professional compentence learned at TAMK and get more familiar with tourism by working with different tasks and in a new environment.

I will definitely encourage people to study at TAMK and in particular in the Degree Programme in Tourism. In addition, as Finland is such a unique place I will recommend foreigners to learn some Finnish and get familiar with the basics of the culture, as that will help a lot, at least it did a lot to me."

Diego Rivas

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