Friday, 3 June 2011

Mission impossible completed!

We returned our thesis for evaluation a few days ago. Phew!
Here I am now, all finished with the writing, and the researching, and the reading and, most of all, the stressing. It still hasn’t sunk in that it is finished, we did it, and it’s all over and done with. Slowly, slowly, though, it is starting to feel better and better….give me a few days and I’ll be jumping up and down with joy!

I still get the odd idea or thought in my head about what could be put in the thesis, which book I could refer to, or how the subheadings could be arranged - I guess my brain is still on Thesis Mode. But the coolest thing is that after finishing the thesis you realize the process from start to finish, and it all seems so clear, and a little easy, in your head. Because a process it is, on many levels, not only of the actual writing but also of growing as a researcher, writer, and, I might even suggest, as a person.

The process of our thesis took about four months altogether, from the initial idea to the finished product. The last stretch before our final deadline, the last couple of weeks to be exact, were interesting, to say the least: I was waking up at night to write down a sentence for that one paragraph of chapter whatsitsnumber, constantly thinking what is left and what should be done next, wondering if it is all coming together as it should, frantically trying to find the right book where I remembered seeing this, that and the other (silly me for not making proper notes!), and all the while feeling the glooming deadline closing in on me like it was confirmed as doomsday.

As amazing and unbelievable as it seems to me now, in the end we did finish the thesis, and are very happy with it. It didn’t come easy, though; there were many loooooong days and nights spent researching, reading, writing, editing, and then writing some more. The late nights were not complete without some temper tantrums and manic giggle attacks, complete brain blocks and mixed up words (anyone wanna guess what plörk means, at three in the morning?), all of which were accompanied by bucket loads of coffee and candy.

Like I mentioned in the beginning, it really hasn’t sunk in yet that our thesis is finally finished. We might still have to make some corrections to it, and haven’t yet a clue as to what grade we will get from it (fingers crossed!), but at least the once a mission impossible is now a mission completed. And I’m happy to say I am still best friends with my thesis partner (at least she hasn’t blocked my calls yet), and I owe a big thanks to her for putting up with me.

So all’s well that ends well, and now its time for some down time. For me that means sleeping (oh the luxury!), spending time with friends, and getting to read a book of my own choice for a change. Most importantly, however, the best thing is not having to switch on the laptop only to writewritewrite!

The writer is Janita Nurmi, a student of the Degree Programme in Tourism, who is currently doing her practical training in the R&D and Education Services of TAMK. She is hoping to graduate in the fall and go on to conquer the world.

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