Tuesday, 21 June 2011

DIGISOMEMAR IP - a lot of work and fun

DIGISOMEMAR IP – LLP Erasmus intensive programme, coordinated by Pirkko Varis from TAMK Virrat, took place in Virrat and Tampere in spring 2011. More than 70 students and more than 15 staff members from 16 universities and 14 countries representing marketing, business, media and IT fields gathered at TAMK Virrat for ten days to study and work, and it was really fun.

The main subjects were digital, mobile and social media in marketing, internet and management of m- and e-business. Multidisciplinary and multicultural teams had presentations in the mornings and in the afternoons teams worked in parallel workshops on for example Flash for marketing, 3D-solutions for advertising and digital media in marketing. Some visits to enterprises and to other topic-related destinations were included in the IP, too. For some workshops assignments were given by small and medium-sized enterprises.
Opening session of the IP

We heard many presentations about the subject-related topics, universities and countries. And it was also really interesting to see and hear about projects other students had done. Presentations were interesting, and especially when they included some Irish dancing or interesting questionnaires or competitions. Presentations by staff members from different countries were interesting, and you also got something new through their teaching styles.

But it wasn't just about the work. We spent an awesome afternoon, making in teams fire camps and cooking fish and making pan cakes. Everybody also had the chance to go to a smoke sauna and dip into icy water. For people from for example Greece and Hungary, and of course other European countries, it was a unique way to spend time, and it was also a once in a lifetime thing to happen.
Activities during student presentations

The coordinator of the IP Pirkko Varis from TAMK Virrat presenting the programme details

Cooking fish and making pan cakes in teams

A workshop session

Accommodation at the lake in Lomasaari in Virrat and networking

It was wonderful two weeks in an international group with lots of new experiences and making friendships to last forever.

Text and photos: Pia Dag, student, TAMK Virrat

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