Thursday, 26 May 2011

Finland was an amazing experience!

Grzegorz Lichota, 22 year old Erasmus student from Poland. He studies Management at the University of Warsaw.

Grzegorz Lichota studies at the University of Warsaw, in Poland. He chose Tampere as his exchange studies destination.

‘’Before I had chosen Finland I was looking for information about this country. My expectations were really high because I’ve read that Finland is a good country to live and it has very high level of education. Finland didn’t disappoint me! It’s a stereotype that people here are closed, they are helpful and almost all of them can speak English.’’

Studying in Finland is a little bit different than in Poland. However it’s easy to adjust. ’’The biggest difference is that here all the courses are more practical than theoretical. People are taught how to act in real life situations. In my country we study mostly from books.’’

Grzegorz is an exchange student on the Degree Programme in International Business. He enjoys it a lot! ‘’ IB program is very practical. All courses are really close to the working life. You can run a virtual company and make decisions connected with marketing, logistics and finance. You learn how to run a project by doing it. In my opinion it’s the best way of learning, I love it. I feel like I’ve learned a lot of useful things.’’

We asked Grzegorz if he would recommend Finland to students, who are just considering exchange options. ‘’ Definitely! Finland is the best country for exchange. I am looking for the other opportunities to come back here in the future! It was an amazing experience!

Text: Judyta Myllynen, International Business trainee

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