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Exchange Student Application Period Still Open

Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) is still accepting exchange applications by students from international partner universities. The deadline for the application is 15th of May 2011.

TAMK offers a variety of programmes available for Exchange Students. The easiest exchange possibilities are offered in the seven Bachelor level degree programmes in English on Tampere Campuses:
  • Degree Programme in Environmental Engineering
  • Degree Programme in International Business
  • Degree Programme in Media Degree Programme in Nursing
  • Degree Programme in Social Services
  • Degree Programme in Tourism
  • International Pulp and Paper Technology
Unfortunately, the application for the Degree Programme for Nursing is not open anymore.

It is also possible for exchange students to study in English on Ikaalinen Campus or Virrat Campus:
  • Degree Programmes in Business Administration and Tourism, Ikaalinen Campus
  • Degree Programme in Media, Virrat Campus
Also, these Finnish Bachelor level degree programmes offer some courses / possibilities for practical training in English on Tampere Campuses:
  • Degree Programme in Film and Television
  • Degree Programme in Fine Art
  • Degree Programme in Hotel and Restaurant Management
  • Degree Programme in Laboratory Sciences
  • Degree Programme in Music
  • Degree Programme in Physiotherapy
  • Degree Programme in Service Management
The following Finnish Bachelor level degree programmes on Tampere Campuses do not offer courses in English but it may be possible to do project work or write a final thesis, or participate in some parts of the courses. If exchange students are interested in these programmes, they should contact TAMK International Services for more information.
  • Degree Programme in Automobile & Transport Engineering
  • Degree Programme in Business Administration, Kuntokatu Campus
  • Degree Programme in Business Administration, Mänttä Campus
  • Degree Programme in Business Information Systems
  • Degree Programme in Chemical Engineering
  • Degree Programme in Electrical Engineering
  • Degree Programme in Forestry
  • Degree Programme in ICT Engineering
  • Degree Programme in Mechanical and Production Engineering
  • Degree Programme in Textile Technology
On average, TAMK receives around 150 exchange applications per semester. The autumn term studies begin at the end of August and early September, depending on the chosen degree programme. TAMK will organize orientation for all exchange students. For more information, see TAMK Student Exchange website. We are looking forward to get more international students to TAMK!

Current exchange students tell their experiences

Some current exchange students wanted to share their opinions and thoughts about doing an exchange period in TAMK and in Finland.

First we had Ms. Christina Maat, A German citizen whose home university is Stenden University in Emmen, The Netherlands. Christina studies in the Degree Programme in Tourism and she continued her third year studies by coming to TAMK in January 2011.

Christina told me that she has had dashing time with other exchange students, a lot of parties and really cool trips to various places, including Stockholm, Lapland and Seitseminen national park. She also enjoyed working with English, because there aren’t too many Germans with her here. Recently she has started playing beach volley with other exchange students.

She is planning to leave Finland in June, so she will have the chance to witness the early Finnish summer. Christina also tried her luck in the Finnish language course, which she said to be really hard, but interesting. She also experienced the Finnish winter. Christina said she enjoyed the extreme frostbiting cold, but the darkness was hard to cope with. Fortunately, she told me that sleeping was really easy because of the long lasting darkness

To help her cope with the homesickness, Christina has had some guests visiting, including family members and friends. Christina said that she has greatly enjoyed her exchange and the new experiences in Finland.

Secondly, we gave the microphone to Ms. Galina Bezrukich from Lithuania. Her home university is Vilnius Gedimino Technikal Uneversity. Galina has studied Media at TAMK, creative industries to be more precise. Galina also arrived in January and already left on 5th of May.

Galina enjoyed her time in Finland, even the inteview.

During the four month exchange, she earned over thirty ECTS credits, which is actually quite a lot. She even planned to do a Finnish language course, but it was impossible due to timetable issues.

This trip was her first to Finland and to Tampere. She said that she mostly like living here in the north, but the winter was too long and cold for her. Unfortunately, she left before she had the chance to see the Finnish summer, which is totally different than the winter period.

Like many other exchange students, she also mentioned the trips to Milan and to Stockholm. She also enjoyed having a great time with other exchange student. She came with five other Lithuanians, though she only knew one of them beforehand. Galina spent most of her time at Finlayson campus. She said that the academic parts there were excellent and the equipment available was top-notch.

Thirdly, we had the dynamic duo, Ms. Alice Catani and Ms. Silvia Chocholackova. This girly pair wanted to do a pair interview, even though they come from different schools and even from different countries. Alice is an Italian from Universita' Degli Studi Di Torino, Italy. Silvia a Slovak and her home university is Masaryk University in Czech Republic. Both are studying International Business, or their country specific equivalents.

Alice (left) and Silvia (right) gave their best smiles in front of the flags.

Like many other, they arrived in January and are leaving late May. During their exchange, the girls did a lot of travelling. These included trips to Lapland, Norway, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden and at least a dozen trips to Finland’s capital, Helsinki.

They wanted to give a shoutout to international tutors, especially to Karolina Cichacz and Sanna Hosike. Their work is really appreciated!

They both are planning to receive over thirty ECTS credits. They said that the teaching was high quality and they had a really friendly atmosphere in the classrooms. Both praised the school cafeteria’s salad bar and vegetarian meals.

Some memorable events worth mentioning were walking on a frozen lake and the typical Finnish combination, sauna & diving to snow. Alice even concluded the interview by stating that coming to TAMK was the best thing ever. It seems like both enjoyed their time at TAMK.

Text: Elias Suominen
Photos: Elias Suominen

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