Friday, 8 April 2011

TELL - Support for international students

TAMK's social services students together with Senior Lecturer Tapio Salomäki are starting a project to support TAMK's international degree students in their everyday life.
"We together with Tamko and social services students are implementing project studies in the spring to support the wellbeing of international degree students", tells Senior Lecturer Tapio Salomäki.

In the autumn we implemented a SOSDESK project in connection with social services students' project studies. The project comprised an information desk for international students and organisation of diverse activities with them. Based on these experiences we will continue strengthening the wellbeing of degree students in their everyday life. The TELL project aims at strengthening international students' social inclusion in the everyday life.

The first TELL meeting was attended by social services students Carla Redondo and Melina Mäntylä, vice chair of Tamko's Club International Tampere (CLINT) Waldo Seppä and Senior Lecturer Tapio Salomäki.

"We aim at preventing social exclusion. Our aim is to learn to know foreign students, and ask what kind of activity they want to have. We will not establish an actual reception desk. We will go to lectures to tell about our activity", told students Carla Redondo and Melina Mäntylä.

The aim is to start the actual work next autumn, but some activities will already take place this spring.

"SOSDESK (TELL) is a working title. Our purpose is concrete practical activity. The idea is based on the socio-cultural motivation viewpoint. We want that people would join and tell what they want. We cooperate with CLINT and are now discussing our work distribution", Salomäki tells.

According to Salomäki, individualism reigns in Finland."The risk is that students drop out of the society. Our aim is to develop concrete practices that would be used at TAMK after this project, too."

TAMK's TELL and SOSDESK activities are part of the CDS project funded by the European Social Fund. 14 Finnish universities of applied sciences participate in the project. The key idea is to support the wellbeing, studying, and community spirit of both Finnish and foreign university of applied sciences students.

Prevention of social exclusion in university of applied sciences studies: To Care, to Dare, to Share (CDS)

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