Thursday, 7 April 2011

TAMK´s new library: Future library visions

TAMK’s library and information services have eagerly started to create visions for the new library facilities, which will arise at Kuntokatu campus in 2012. Tampere campuses (except for F.E. Sillanpään katu) will gradually move to Kuntokatu campus as the new facilities are ready. Along with the new facilities, it is also possible to develop library services and procedures. Visions and ideas have been taken from libraries in Finland and abroad, e.g. Belgium and Holland. The library open-mindedly ideates the new living room of TAMK.

Library as facility – Colour!

Colours and modifiability are a trend in library facility planning. Bold colours have traditionally been used in Belgian and Dutch libraries. Now they are also coming to the Scandinavian library planning. Bright colours bring new youthful air to the elegant and distinct Scandinavian style. A good example of this is the Hjörring Library in Denmark . Libraries should be full of life, youthful, colourful and comfortable places where it is nice to be, meet, learn and innovate. Cottbuss Library in Germany could also serve as an example

Libraries can be understood as continuously changing and developing facilities. Static facilities for storing material belong to the past. Library facilities should be modifiable and thus respond to the future challenges. New challenges are posed by the facts that we cannot predict in detail what kind of role the library will have in future and what the e-resource field will be like from the viewpoint of the library. Modifiability and flexibility should thus extend beyond the facilities. Change and innovation should be a state of mind.

Library as service – Encounters!

Future libraries are also seen as new communal work rooms where information is produced and consumed and communication and innovation take place. The library also has its more traditional task of providing contents and a place for meeting people. The future library offers diverse meeting places, is a concentration of information and knowledge, and utilises new technologies. Meeting places are virtual as well as physical, and they form the basis for new information and innovation.

Contents will quickly become more and more digital and diverse. As Klaus Oesch formulated the future role of the library in the Library Design and Function 2011 conference: the library is a showcase and user interface to the digital universe.

Text and photos: Kaisa Toikka, TAMK Library

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