Tuesday, 19 April 2011

TAF International Week guests went to smoke sauna

TAMK organized its fourth Tampere Art Factory International Week on 11 - 15 April 2011. During the week TAMK received guests from all over the world. The guests participated in various events, including seminars, lectures, and workshops and of course, leisure activities.

One of the highlights of the week was on Wednesday 13th of April, when the international guests were taken to Hangaslahti sauna premises. There they enjoyed dinner, drinks and good company. Probably the most memorable event was the chance to go to an authentic smoke sauna and then taking a dip in the semi frozen Lake Näsijärvi. Some were brave enough to try their luck in the water which was approximately +6 Celsius degrees.

The TAF guests were accompanied by nice clear weather which made this outdoor photo possible.

Some of the guests were TAF veterans and had been before at Hangaslahti. However, the sauna never gets old and the extreme heat made everybody feel refreshed. The atmosphere during the whole night was very relaxed and people were clearly enjoying their time in Finland.

The guests quickly realized it will be extremely hot in the smoke sauna.

On behalf of the TAMK International Services and TAMK Art and Media Programmes, we’d like to thank everybody who participated in this delightful week full of events. The sauna evening went so quickly and we almost missed the bus because it was impossible to get out of the sauna in time.

Remember, next year will come soon and hopefully we will meet again.

More pictures can be found from TAMK Flickr

Text: Elias Suominen
Photos: Elias Suominen

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