Tuesday, 12 April 2011

IP Ace 2011 - Advertising and PR

IP Ace 2011 is now behind, and we are just memorising all those amazing people and perfect team work. It was the first time this LLP Erasmus intensive programme took place in Finland. Belgian students worked hard for the IP and they designed stylish and practical websites. The IP was organized by the staff members Helga Van den Bulck from Plantijn Hogeschool (Belgium) and Pirkko Varis from TAMK Virrat (Finland). 43 students and 11 staff members from 8 countries and institutions representing advertising, PR, business, media and marketing fields participated the IP.

Lectures were given on marketing of Helsinki, Finland and the Upper Tampere Region. Strategy and creative brief were covered by Caroline Barfoot, Ken Burtenshaw & Nik Mahon from Southampton Solent University, UK. Harri Karvinen from TAMK had an interactive session with students on the influence of net marketing on consumers. Staff members Ralf Schellhase (Germany), Marten Coerts (the Netherlands), Caroline Barfoot, Ken Burtenshaw & Nik Mahon, Ayhan Yilmaz (Turkey), Sandra Femenia Almerich (Spain), Marianne Lecordier & Caroline Morrongiello (France). Helga and Pirkko guided students.

Our main task was to plan an advertising and marketing communications campaign for the Upper Tampere Region. There were eight groups, and we worked hard across the multinational boundaries. We produced excellent and creative ideas on how to bring more international awareness related to Finland and especially to the Upper Tampere Region. All campaigns were presented in front of the jury. One member of the jury was Anu Schuoler representing an organization from the Upper Tampere Region. The students and staff members from foreign universities were excited to experience the amazing Finnish winter nature and outdoor activities such as dipping in the ice hole and cross-country skiing. While staying in Virrat, the students and staff members enjoyed the accommodation located at the lake in the middle of the nature.
The beginning and the last days of IP Ace we spent in Helsinki, where we could work in the European house facilities and two different universities of applied sciences. Most of the time in Finland was spent in Virrat. A field trip was organized to Tampere. The whole group really enjoyed the two weeks in Finland and we made friends with people all across Europe, sharing the food culture from chicken to reindeer.

“The IP has enabled us to meet and work with some amazing people of whom we will never forget. It has given us the experience of working to strict deadlines and allowed us to share our creativity and obtain valuable feedback from experienced professionals. However, it was not all hard work, we have shared some great memories in a beautiful country that I'm sure will stay with us forever.”

Will Baggs, UK

“The IP is a whole experience where you can learn more about advertising, how the people work in other countries, and just meet different ways of living from people from all over Europe, who in reality are the same as you. It is good for your academic career, but more for your personal improvement.”

Jose Maria El Navas, Spain

“Simply, the most interesting and amazing experience I've ever had. It was nothing I expected. The work was so much fun and challenging simultaneously, and working with new people was so refreshing. Finland itself was a great place to go because it was so beautiful and there were so many fun activities to do, such as jumping in the snow and running into ice cold lakes with friends. I would definitely go again. It's a one in a lifetime experience, I recommend it to everyone!”

Susannah Thomas, UK

Pia Dag & Suvi Tanhua, Marketing and International Business, TAMK Virrat

Pia Dag

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