Thursday, 24 March 2011

World water day events at TAMK 22.3.

World Water day was held on 22nd March and TAMK also traditionally participated to it by arranging activities at Kuntokatu premises in Tampere. Theme for the World Water day in year 2011 was "Water for the cities".

Offically, the event was launched at noon when vice principle, Dr. Marja Sutela, gave a speech and opened the day by proposing a toast for water. Audience got to see Capoeira show which was full of life and music.

During the Water day school children visited TAMK and programme related to water was arranged for them by 1st year's Environmental Engineering students. Events and scientific experiments as well as lottery were also arranged to attract people along with informative broschures in the main lobby.

In the afternoon, people got to listen water related lectures given by international speakers who are visiting TAMK and being part of the international week of technology at TAMK. As a whole, event was a success and reminded once again TAMK staff and students of one of the essentials of life - water.

text: Juha Le Tortorec, Aino-Maija Kyykoski
pictures: Nicolas Bonensea

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Ponting said...

One of the main thing of the event,is the water related lectures which is based on all of the information and tragedy,about the speech and opened the day by proposing a toast for water,is great to read and also this factor have some of the great value,the day is about enjoyment and to know some of the important and useful parts of the events.