Tuesday, 1 March 2011

TAMK’s English degree programmes again increased popularity

The number of applicants to Tampere University of Applied Sciences increased by more than 10 per cent compared with last year. Tourism was TAMK’s most popular degree programme in the joint application for degree programmes conducted in English. The national joint application for English degree programmes ended on 15 February.

TAMK had 1119 primary applicants this year. The most popular degree programme was Tourism with 258 primary applicants (12.9 applicants/study place). The Degree Programme in Media had 195 primary applicants (9.8 applicants/study place), International Business 366 primary applicants (9.2 applicants/study place), Nursing 136 primary applicants (8.5 applicants/study place), and Environmental Engineering 164 primary applicants (5.5 applicants/study place).

In all, there were more than 3000 applicants for TAMK’s five English degree programmes. The educations starting in the autumn 2011 offered a total of 126 study places. The joint application data are based on the Finnish National Board of Education’s current statistics.

Joint application for the Finnish education and master’s degree programmes begins on 7 March and expires on 12 April. It is also possible to apply for TAMK’s English Master’s Degree Programme in Information Technology through separate application.

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