Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Global Service Jam - From ideas to services

After the holiday, it is good to stop for a while and ask yourself how you usually spend your weekend. After a long week, many just lie on the couch and let the remote control to restrict the world of choices. I have also heard that especially many students prefer to dive into the whirls of the night to clear their head. This may sometimes take place several times in a week, as studying is hard. Not to mention the working life.

What if you could use your leisure time to something else? Something that has never been done anywhere in the world. And it would be done globally already at the first time, together with 1200 others breaking their usual weekend rituals. Would you join?

Global Service Jam event took place in Tampere at the weekend of 11-13 March. It was also organised for the first time in 59 other cities around the world on the same day. During the weekend 1263 brains were occupied with something other than becoming calcified at restaurants or losing cells because of substances (well, some cell loss may have taken place). The idea of Global Service Jam was to connect professionals and students interested in service design around the world. As a result of the weekend, cities such as Tampere, Helsinki, London, New York, Sydney and Shanghai joined forces on a theme and created new local service innovations based on the international host organisation’s guidelines. The results speak for themselves: 203 new service concepts were created in 48 hours, and three of them at Finlayson in Tampere. 

The Tampere event was organised by the service design office Kolmas Persoona, TAMK’s entrepreneurship unit Proacademy and entrepreneur community Stream Tampere Ry. The cooperation was fruitful. Around twenty brave people interested in service design attended the event in the facilities of New Factory and Proacademy at Väinö Linnan aukio. The participants of the workshops and group work came from both business life and the higher education institutions in Tampere. Admirable activeness and openness from a group of people who did not know each other in advance. Along with new acquaintances, future plans were also made: at least one created concept will be developed further to a concrete service.

Global Service Jam succeeded both locally and internationally in what was attempted. It strengthened the connections of the global community interested in experience services and customer experience and showed that the service design thinking is a strong and growing trend around the world. But even more importantly, the event demonstrated that exchange of ideas and experiences does not only develop ourselves but also brings meaningfulness into the environment. A weekend can lead to something other massive than a two-day hangover.

Text and photo: Juho Tolvanen, Global Service Jam Tampere, Proacademy

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